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1. You must have a working mic. 

2. You must be able to understand and speak English, we are a NA based server. 

3. You must respect one another in and out of RP. Derogatory remarks directed to others regarding race, gender, religion, disabilities or sexual preference will not be tolerated. Any form of harassment or disrespect will result in consequences. 

4. If a problem needs to be resolved, always use the chain of command when contacting staff. Speak to a moderator first before speaking to admins. 

5. We appreciate all that care about the community and want to help out but please leave it to our administrators to deal with admin situations. 

6. Do not use this community to advertise. The only exception is to promote your stream in the proper channels in discord (#stream_announcements). 

7. Steam or discord names that are deemed offensive will receive one warning/kick. Please have appropriate names. If you continue to join after being warned/kicked with the offensive name, a removal will be considered. 

8. If you witness someone breaking the rules, the best way to contact an admin is on discord. Please report your in-game name, what happened, and video proof if possible. 

9. NO RDM/VDM: RDM (Random death match) is killing/attempting to kill without intent and roleplay. VDM (Vehicle death match) is using a vehicle to kill/attempt to kill without intent or roleplay. KEEP IN MIND THAT WE ARE A ROLEPLAY SERVER. Deadly action needs to be roleplayed. Killing on site is not allowed as it could be seen as a form of RDM. 

10. DO NOT FAIL RP: Due to the mechanics of GTA V, things that are completely unrealistic and down right impossible to do are easily done while in game. Think before you do, your actions should be thought out before you act. For example, driving off an overpass and dropping 20+ feet while in your vehicle, flipping the vehicle multiple times, then proceeding to continue driving off while being pursued by police will not be tolerated. Realistic actions and responses are to be expected during roleplay situations.

11. DO NOT ENTER THE MILITARY BASE/AIRCRAFT CARRIER: There is no feasible way you would be able to cross over the fences of an actual military base or step on an aircraft carrier without either being detained or shot on the spot. Entering these areas will fall under a FailRP situation, until we have a Military force set up.

12. Combat storing/deleting to avoid criminal punishment is not allowed: For example, if you get in a police chase, and you damage your vehicle out, you cannot delete your vehicle. It is considered FailRP. 

13. Use of a phone or a gun in prison or when cuffed is considered FailRP: This includes texting and tweeting. We do not have player prison guards to RP yourself stealing a phone, so we are not aware of if it is RP’d out correctly, so don’t do it. You also get searched and lose your belongings when sent to prison. 

14. STEALING POLICE/EMS/MILITARY VEHICLES IS ONLY ALLOWED UNDER CERTAIN RP SITUATIONS: Player EMS vehicles can be stolen with proper RP behind it. This includes using specific “/me” interactions, as well as a reason to steal the vehicle. You have to be in an active cop situation that involves you. For example, “/me takes” or “steals key from officer”. If you are confused on what is the wrong and right way to steal an emergency vehicle, use the help desk in discord. 

15. BREAKING CHARACTER: Stay in character unless spoken to by an admin or a moderator about a OOC (Out of Character) situation. There is no reason you should break character unless you are speaking to a staff member about a problem that needs to be resolved. These situations usually end up being handled in discord. 

16. PVP CRIMES: If cops are offline, PVP crimes - such as robberies, kidnappings, murders, stealing vehicles from players, etc. are not allowed.

17. FORBIDDEN RP SCENARIOS: Role playing sexual assault (such as non-consensual touching, rape, etc.) is not allowed and will result in an immediate ban, and this also applies verbally. Do not joke or mock sexual harassment. We do not tolerate this behavior and a ban appeal will not be allowed. Suicide RP and Terrorism RP are touchy subjects: We understand that this happens IRL, but they are touchy subjects that people do not need to be reminded of. There are minimal exceptions, please contact an admin for permission before roleplaying suicide or terroristic acts. 

18. SERVER RESTARTS: Just because the server is restarting does not mean that you can go insane and go on a rampage. Along with that, if you are leaving the server after your session, you have no reason to kill for no reason. There will be consequences for breaking rules, whether it’s 5 hours from restart or 1 minute before. 

19. YOU CAN NOT KIDNAP/ROB THE SAME PLAYER MORE THAN ONCE WITHIN 24 HOURS: unless RP is agreed upon. There must be an mutual agreement. Keep in mind, you can be interrupting their RP. 

20. YOU MUST RP TAKING YOUR WEAPONS OUT: Unless it is something small like a pistol or knife. IRL, it doesn’t take you 2 seconds to take an AR out of your bag. 

21. NO COP BAITING: Do not purposefully try and get police attention on you by doing things you would not do with an officer near you. This includes, burning out in the middle of intersections, purposefully revving your motor at lights to bait a pull over/chase, purposely committing traffic violations in the vicinity of a police officer.

22. IF YOU FEEL YOU HAVE BEEN MISTREATED IN AN RP SCENARIO: Do not police the police. Use the proper channels (IE: Reporting said officer to a higher rank). Do not contact an admin unless the officer is clearly breaking a server rule. Take abuse of power as in character and report it as you see fit. 

23. AREAS OF CRIME Committing criminal acts, violent or non-violent, in green zones (see the SOP) are not permissible.


24. RED LIGHTS & TRAFFIC Traffic signals/lights should be treated as stop signs. This being said, intentionally running lights and baiting a chase is not allowed. Along with this, maintaining a realistic speed throughout the city is required. If you are caught traveling at high speeds it will result in trouble with the police or possibly even administration if high enough. 

25. DO NOT ASK TO BE AN ADMIN Administrator is a privilege, not a right. We will ask you if you show some good community communication and a general want to better our own community.

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